The Law of Life

The shell must break before the bird can fly.

The Ancient Sage (1884)


It is very important to keep order in life, which is like domino-you remove one piece, everything will go down. Some people can’t bear the «weight of the world on their shoulders». Some can. As far as I see it, it’s not that because one is worse than another, it is all about how one approaches the situations being created in life. Not being driven by the flow, of course, but by doing actions and accepting any consequences that could result in, positive or negative, what he/she could carry out of the situation. Some deal with things, some don’t. And a person who doesn’t will find a million reasons of why not to do so, which will sound pretty reasonable at the time, but in the end, the person would finish up regretting on that nothing was done. That’s how it always had been, and that’s how it will stay for the humanity. As for myself, I fully accept the consequences of all my actions, and I like to have control over my life.

For me, the way I deal out with events occurring in my life was always very important, since I was a little kid, I remember myself thinking about all the events happening around myself and how could I properly react to them. Fights at school, first relationships, first friendships..  All that meant that a whole lot of values had to be established, and I had to have a right person to do it. The person who would do that was and is my father. He taught me values of great importance, such as having to respect any person, to sort out the conflict not in fighting, but by words, and overall, how to deal with challenges that life sends and many more things. He helped me to confront the situation I got myself into with pride and self-possession.The learning was not composed only of his words though: I was always looking up at him and how he dealt with things, and that has taught me a lot as well. That helped me get through a lot of tough situations that occurred to me during my young teenage years. Unfortunately, in the past, due to a younger age I couldn’t fully understand that, and I think that in the future I would expand my level of understanding a lot further, but it is already very clear to me: without my father hammering these values into my head, I wouldn’t be able to quite reach the heights which I had reached with him. I can’t think of the best word to fully thank my father for how he contributed in my raising.

Having said that, honestly, I still see a great room of improvement for myself. I can be lazy at doing homework, just putting it on next day or even forgetting to do it. I may skip sports, which I change accordingly to the current season. I may not be as engaged in a conversation with other person as I would rather be. All these and many other things very well indicate that I have not actually reached the point where I could call myself a true success. The point is that no matter what is happening, and that’s where I got the

The lessons I learned from my father had led me to be able to value the right things in people: for example, in a friend, I value dignity, sincerity and integrity, and, of course, the ability to be able to stand up for a friends’ beliefs, even if they are contradicting with friends’ ones. As of a parent: obviously, I’m a future parent, a fully understand that not only the child, but the mother of my children deserves my utmost respect, help in any way and most importantly, honesty. If to speak about a teacher, in my opinion, he/she to be a unbiased person, who always values personal qualities of a student over his/her results, is always open for dialogue, and, to be a kind and dedicated specialist of the subject being taught. Of course, the list is expandable and debatable, but I think these particular values are, indeed, the most important.

All in all, it is necessary to have an inspirational person in life. The better is when this person is actually someone close to you, somebody not only on whose actions you can learn, but someone who will be able to transmit the knowledge to yourself. I am very grateful that my father has become so much of a person beyond the boundaries of ordinary parenting.


Raging Bull review


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Here I would like to reflect on one of my favourite films, Raging Bull, by Martin Scorsese. The plot revolves around an Italian-American Boxer, Jack LaMotta, who, throughout his life, struggled to make everything out of his boxing career.

But its not your ordinary Rocky-style motivational video.

It is, as one said, “the most poetic sport film you might ever see”. Hence the beginning, which occurs with Jack dancing around in a ring, with the music being one from Italian Opera. And when the movie goes forward, the one who watches would be extremely pleased with old-school black-and-white film, and great sophistication of dialogues, and, suprisingly, fights.

I said “suprisingly” because the movies’ greatest emphasis is not on the sport events, or trainings, as one could guess, but on the life journey of one very shy and preoccupied man, who tried to rely on his instincts rather than on his real thoughts, because those, as much as they could, were showing that he was one very insecure person. And only in the ring he could unleash all of his power, without having to think of anything else. His rise and fall, emotional breakdowns, being surrounded by careless people and not seeing the ones who care about him the most.

This movie should be watched and enjoyed. 10/10

P.S.-Robert de Niro-Oscar for a leading role in this film.

Learning Journal, Week 3.

The Subject I’m Interested In

I’m aiming to study Law at a university in UK. There were many reasons of why I chose to do this particular subject in that particular country. The main reason is my attraction to the subject in terms of its appeal and the fact that there is so much to learn. I’m expecting the subject to be something that won’t let me think of anything besides studying. I think I would be able to unleash all of my mental capabilities while studying, as I was reading some of the related literature and it already got me very interested. I think that the acquired knowledge will allow me to get a good job afterwards, not only in the UK, but in other European countries as well. However, I personally think, that the education is to be got only in the UK, as it is still, fortunately, considered as a country with the best education, it’s reputation is impeccable and having a prestigious British diploma has, of course, aided university graduates so much, but it is necessary to remember that it’s not the origin of the diploma, but the brains that stand one out!

Learning Journal, Week 2.

Comparing studying in UK and in Russia.

If to compare differences between studying in the UK and in Russia, it would actually be easier to tell the similarities of which there are only few. Nevertheless: The teaching styles are very different, if in Russia you have to face the fact that the teacher is somebody above you, not only in terms of knowledge, but even in terms of that the teacher has to be called by full name, unlike UK, where it is very easy to get along with a teacher, whom you most likely will have to call just by name. In terms of workload-Russia is far ahead, with homeworks that can leave you without any freetime whatsoever. UK in these terms is much lighter and has material, which is more straightforward.  Friendships are better formed in Russia, both in and outside the classroom, but that can be due to the fact that the people are different themselves than these of UK or its students. In terms of class sizes, with UK’s 25 people average, Russia is not far behind, averaging 21 student per class. Expectations are roughly the same-you have to do good and to study good.

Learning Journal, Week 1.

My First Impressions of the UK

I have arrived in UK in august of 2011 for completing high school. I wasn’t any terrified nor did I experience any feelings that could relate to ones being described by many arriving international students. I liked the feeling of something very new, and to me it wasn’t at all appaling, but quite the opposite.

I’ve reached Brighton three years after living in the country, and many signature things, were, of course, present: for example, houses built so tight that one person can barely manage to pass between them, and so on. But the city does indeed provide what I hadn’t seen before in England: the seaside . It is what makes this city very unique and attractive to me.

At the university, and I am aiming at one of the tops in the UK, I’m going to study Law, the education, which, afterwards, hopefully, will allow me to open up my own firm and work on most serious cases.